Special Research Projects on Global Issues

The research projects in this category examine the large-scale relevance of NCCR North-South's accumulated findings, in particular concerning prominent global debates on topics like food security, poverty, natural resource management, migration, and climate change. By surveying the results of many studies from inside and outside the programme, the researchers aim to identify patterns of change or recurring contexts that may be used to determine suitable policy responses at the global level.

Special Research Projects (SRP)

SRP1 - Transnational pressure on land
The role of transnational land investments in rural transformation

SRP2 - Global water challenges
for sustainable development 

SRP3 - Food security and sovereignty 
towards food equity and dignity

SRP4 - Beyond the MDGs
Poverty-oriented development policy beyond the Millennium Development Goals

SRP5 - Mobility and migration
Confusing terms, varying regional relevance, conflicting policies?

SRP6 - Climate change and smallholders
A regional outlook on conflicts, mitigation, and adaptation