NCCR North-South Dialogue No. 12

by Ghana S. Gurung, Michael Kollmair
Bern, NCCR North-South 2007

Both spatial and societal marginality persist around the globe, even though the type and scale of occurrence may differ depending on the physical and social setting. Re-searchers within the NCCR North-South use the concept of marginality in different ways; the present paper explores marginality with the aim of enhancing understanding and common use of the concept in the field of inter- and trans-disciplinary scientific research. It briefly defines and de-scribes the basic concepts of marginality, based on a literature review and inputs from the participants in various workshops of the NCCR North-South, and attempts to pro-vide some key answers to two pertinent questions: What is marginality? What are marginality indicators? At the end, a brief conclusion is drawn from an overall understanding of the concept.

Ghana S. Gurung, Kollmair M. 2007. Marginality: Concepts and their Limitations. NCCR North-South Dialogue No 12. Bern, Switzerland: NCCR North-South.


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